Simion Cernică

Study for Loneliness on Infinity
HDV, 4’00’, 2015

Biking (performing) in a backyard of Los Angeles, between the nostalgia of growing up surrounded by Eastern Europe’s concrete and the 20th century Californian utopia. Beyond the fences, almost everything looks likes a Hollywood movie set. Covered with a cotton canvas (another unrealized painting), under the warm but unforgiving Sun, the immigrant artist has to deal with the limits of his new country’s society, the art world, his biography and self-imposed limits. Now, in the times of aggravated drought in California, the artist decided to carry a water container on the bike, similar with the ones left in the desert by good Samaritans for the illegal immigrants. The water from this container leaks, leaving traces on the hot concrete, marking the infinity track, but also evaporates fast, like the artist’s limited time for action. Referencing California’s (and International) historical conceptualism and performance art, now and here, the artist chooses another person to do what he usually performs. The artist chose to film this sole performance in real time and instructed the ‘actor’ to wear the artist’s shoes and sunglasses. The artist decided to not let the water and gravity distress his actions (like in an imaginary dialogue with Bas Jan Ader), but instead to be controlled elements in building his (poetic) solution of survival and artistic practice.

I’ (m) here to help America!
digital prints, 2011-2015

The project I'(m) here to help America! started after I moved to LA in the summer of 2011. The ‘new’ America (US) rediscovered, the one after the recent economic crisis, looked tormented, like after an unsuccessful facelift surgery, that can no longer cover the increased social inequality and the growing distance from the “American Dream”. Today, America needs a different cure for improving economically and mostly, socially. By suggesting naive help from a recent immigrant, a poetic act in the urban concrete, a foolish gesture that is politically ineffective, the artist opens a virtual dialogue, an introduction into a discussion and topic that are almost invisible in the mainstream media. Taking in account the present US foreign policy (including military and economic actions), a controversial topic, we could optimistically say: If America would do better, the whole world will be better! #
I started posting some improvised signs on cardboard, with hand written short slogans on the topic of help in various public spaces throughout California. They resemble the “aesthetic” of street signs of beggars, homeless, or ad hoc protesters. I documented and abandoned most of the signs after at the locations. Very often, the process of photographing the signs brought more attention to it, becoming a performance in public space. The project is on going and evolving toward different forms of materialization.