Tatiana Fiodorova

10 Bags
installation, bags, dimensions 64×52, photoprint and vinyl letters, 2015

I go
video 4′ 01”, 2004 – 2015

The project “10 Bags” by Moldovan artist Tatiana Fiodorova is the result of her artistic research during the past 10 years. The artist was born and raised in the Soviet Moldova, but her creative formation happened during the years 2000 – a difficult period of transformation and transition from communism to a liberal market economy. The focus of her artistic quest is: the lost Soviet identity and the formation of the new Moldovan ‘man’ who is faced with social, political and economic problems. The currently exhibited work is a combination of different previous projects such as project “10 Bags” (2012), the performance “I GO” (2009) and the project Moldavian News (2011- till now).