The exhibition gathers several Romanian artists living abroad, who reflect upon the condition of being an emigrant through various artistic practices. The collection of artworks intends to provide a narrative record of the actual situation, where the involved artists describe this special condition, while contributing directly to it with their own specific cultural and emotional background.

Migration recreates / alters social borders (in Romania and worldwide), it influences both political and economic discourses. At the same time, it has an impact on artistic production by generating new physical and ideological experiences, leading to a recontextualization of identity which affects one’s relations to others but also to his / her own self.

The exhibiting artists try to break the trivial condition of being an emigrant through their artworks. They take a look at their own status from an external point of view, they transform it into the condition of the spectator, which implies that they are able to overcome stereotypes and prejudices, and to treat them with irony and great humor.

Curators: the artistic duo Monotremu and visual artists & curators from MAGMA Contemporary Art Space

“Niciodată singur / Never Alone” – Selected project from the Open Call from the 2015-2016 MNAC exhibitions program. Project co-funded by the AFCN – Administraţia Fondului Cultural Naţional.

Traveling exhibition in the following areas:

B5 / K’arte – Târgu Mureș /// 03.09-04.10.2015

MNAC – Bucharest /// 04.06-01.11.2015

MAGMA – Sfantu Gheorghe /// 27.06–24.07.2015